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Blockchain Music Entertainment

The decentralized music industry,  at your fingertips.


MP3 is the utility token for the Music Industry DAPP; this will include bonding curve & NFT based financial products to empower recording artists and help to decentralize the music industry.


BMEG is the governance token of the 'Blockchain Music Entertainment' DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).  BMEG will have various farming pools available for a limited time.


MP4 is the utility token for the Movie Industry DAPP; this will include financial products to empower independent film & content creators. 

Let the numbers speak:


Global Music Industry

Clocking in at ~$50b a year, the global music industry continues to rake in billions, with a disturbingly small percentage going to the artists themselves. 


Of Unsigned Artists Want A Record Deal 

Based on 128 unsigned artists responding to a survey from Unsigned Guide, most artists desire to have a record deal. Why? Because they don't have access to the monetary or global marketing resources that the record labels do.


Amount of earnings that an artist forfeits to their record label

Record labels can keep a cut anywhere from 50-90% of an artist's earnings. It is an industry norm for a new artist to only receive 10-16% of their sales.

There is a better way!

What price do artists pay to be marketed and promoted worldwide? They typically surrender the rights to their music & 50-70% of their earnings in exchange for record labels to market them. By making investment into an artist open and accessible to all, investors from across the globe will suddenly find an interest in promoting the artists they invest in — opening up massive opportunity for independent marketers and influencers. This puts incredible promotion potential into the hands of the artist, while keeping the rights to their music out of the hands of the record labels.

Introducing: The Initial Artist Offering (IAO)

Artist Creates Profile & Deploys a Personalized Oracle

With a customized profile in the mp3 catalogue, artists can deploy their own personalized bonding curve curation markets and "tokenize" themselves. DEX widget may be embedded on their website.

Initial Artist Offering (IAO)

Artist can be listed and go "public" on the mp3 DEX library, available for fans & speculators to invest in.

International Exposure

Independent marketers & influencers profit from the promotion of the artists they invest in; Artists profit by unbonding their initial equity 'shares' at a higher price point on the bonding curve. Everybody wins.

Types of bonding curves

Types of bonding curves available to artists, and potential use cases

Positive Slope



Positive Slope Curve

The upward sloping curve creates speculation which is a driving force for new markets. Those who are able to bond to the best artists early will benefit by trading or redeeming the secondary token when it is at a higher price than when they originally received it. The artist can choose a number of curves ranging from an exponential to gradual increase in price in order to balance the level of speculation in the market.       

Use Case

An example of this would be a ticketed event such as a music festival where tickets become more expensive as the event approaches. 

Additionally these curves can reward early position takers in activities such as an Initial Artist Offering (IAO)

Widget Simplicity

No matter the use-case, with a basic website widget and a few clicks, anyone in the blockchain space can purchase what an artist is offering.

Artist Profiles

Artists can set up customized profiles to display their performances, recordings, photos, & biography. This will be essential for those speculating on new artists.

A journey through music

Listen to what is close to your soul

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato